Are the Liberal Democrats to blame for Brexit?

From the moment David Cameron announced that there would be a referendum on whether Britain should leave the EU, there was barely a poll throughout the following 4 years that showed the majority of people in favour of leaving. Yet here Britain stands, a month after the vote, staring at the abyss of being a lone pointless voice drifting away into the mid Atlantic.

An alternative view could be that it was a historic occasion where Britain could take back control. But if you are reading this then the chances of you being a Brexiteer are pretty much nil – as you, like me, will still feel a burning resentment about who was to blame for this ridiculous position that the now fifth richest country has now put itself in.

So who was it? Who was the bozo that caused this? Which cretin can we/should we ultimately get really angry at and should take the blame?

Many fingers will point to Mr Cameron and his complacency in believing that by chancing his arm in calling for the referendum that he would get a positive result, appease his more frothing at the gills semi-racist MPs, neuter the swivel eyed loonies of UKIP and allow his co-conspirator in the Notting Hill set , George Osborne, to smoothly take the Prime Ministerial reigns in 2020.

Others point to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn – a man who was as passionate as the England players against Iceland in trying his very best to get people to vote remain. A notable EU sceptic and who described his love of the EU as 7 1/2 out of ten, there are many on his own benches who point to him as failing to deliver the traditional Labour heartland of the North East working class vote for remain. And as this group voted in unexpectedly high numbers to leave then it could be him.

Others finger the now Foreign Secretary and former sacked journalist, serial shagaround and London Mayor, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Before the campaign started the highest profile out campaigners were the despised former journalist, Education and Justice Secretaries and current next person tipped to take the role of Alan Tracy from Thunderbirds, Michael Gove; the former leader of the Conservative party who is married to the daughter of the 5th Baron Cottesloe and hated former Work and Pension Secretary, George Iain (and Freddie the frog) Duncan Smith and UKIP beer swigging, fag smoking, German wife partnering and general liar, mild racist and hypocrite, MEP Nigel Farage (as in barrage not garage) – a group so devoid of talent that Eurovision would baulk at such a low rent and unpopular line up. Yet in order to further his ambitions of leading the Tories, become Prime Minister and beat his old Bullingdon Club chum Mr Cameron, Mr Johnson decided, despite numerous quotes and videos of him describing how much he likes the EU, to side with the more rabid right of his party and give the Brexiteers a very much needed boost to their morale and credibility.

Another contender could be Rupert Murdoch – the tax avoiding Australian American who owns so much of TV and newspaper content in the UK. Or Paul Dacre – resident chief of bile and hatred at the Daily Mail. Both the Murdoch stable and the Mail campaigned vehemently on the subject of Britain leaving the EU with headline after headline that was basically made up bullshit and lies to scare the living Jesus out of it’s readers.

One further contender could be Will Straw – son of former Labour Home and Foreign Secretary and accepter of bungs, Jack Straw – the head boy of the tawdry, predictable, complacent and downright awful RemaIN campaign. He was the one who appointed a litany of failed Westminster PR and campaign acolytes who completely failed to judge the mood of a country that, since the MP expenses scandal, the A8 accession country migrant flood and the collapse of the banking sector now hated and distrusted politicians, the establishment, multi-national companies and their self righteous views. He, and that campaign, failed time and again to deal with the lies coming out of the Leave campaign and instead bored everyone to tears about a macro economic message that only resonated with a few buddies in the bunkers of Whitehall and the square mile.

Yet, for all of these potential candidates, I would like to nominate the Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg. They only had eight MPs during the referendum, and Clegg was just a backbencher, so how could they and he cause so much damage to a cause that they so believed in?

It was back in 2013 when Mr Cameron as Prime Minister said he would call the referendum if he won the next election in 2015. He could only have made that promise if he were Prime Minister and could only carry it out if he remained Prime Minister after the following election. Had the Lib Dems not got all starry eyes at having big red boxes, plush Whitehall offices and Jags to wheel them the 100 yards to Parliament each day and decided to go into coalition with the Tories, then Cameron would never have been in the position to make that original referendum promise. On top of that – those same Lib Dems who snuggled up to the Conservative to get a taste of the trappings of power were also the ones who bareface lied to their core constituent voters – the students and parents of students – by unnecessarily voting for tuition fees. By signing up to screw the very people who voted for them in good faith in 2010 their fate in the 2015 election was sealed. And by causing their own demise they opened the door to a majority Conservative government that then had to carry out its promised referendum.

Given the precariousness of the Tories in 2013, there would have been almost no way Cameron would have believed he would have to follow through on his promise of undertaking a referendum since all governing parties take a bashing at the subsequent polls. He thought it was a short term sop to appease his backbenchers until the next election when the new order would prevent such a pledge ever having to be carrie dout.

But thanks to the moronic antics of a small coterie of greedy Lib Dem white men who lied to their own voters to further their own short term ambitions, the Tories were able to form a new majority government that had to carry out this half hearted 2013 referendum pledge. Were it not for those two Lib Dem/Clegg decisions, the Tories would never have been in power today or, at the very least, Cameron would have been replaced and the referendum, in all likelihood, would never have been carried out by his successor.

I am sure there are others we could point to. Bankers, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, the SNP or the EU itself. But I am going to stick with the Lib Dems since they are the ones who seem to avoid taking the blame and instead preach from a moralistic high ground that they should never be in a position again to hold.