Having spent my working life in politics, communication and disasters, I thought it should be time for my observations on the world around me to be committed to a page. Who has power, where does it lie and does power lie are the basic questions and threads that will feature in this look at the world today.

We live in a world that is distorting and changing before our very eyes. The way in which the world is governed, the way in which people accept being governed and the way our planet is coping with the seismic changes in population, industrialisation and climate change is not just gathering pace, it is rushing ahead. And it makes me both sad and angry that people go along with it all without thinking.

No one has ever prepared people for this. Things we knew for certain are now questionable. Commentators are accepting norms as still normal and are failing to ask why has this happened, how it has happened and what the eventual outcome could be.

My views are neither left or right of politics, but they will challenge the prevailing culture of belief in what is ‘the right thing to do’.¬†IMG_1481