It is time to ununite the disunited United Kingdom

The charade has gone on long enough. For the benefit of the 62 million odd souls who live there, it is now time that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is carved up into individual parts.

The United Kingdom needs to become the Ununited Kingdom and split into four distinct states or municipalities. It is split, divided, broken and there is no-one who can pull it back to what it once was. Instead, creating four individual nation states would promote better relations between citizens, allow each area to pursue the best social and economic course for their area and respond to the beliefs of their people. It would allow growth along lines that best suit each nation. And, most importantly of all, it would stop any potential war or terrorism.

The split needs to be four ways to take in the seismic differences affecting the current UK and for the good of everyone there needs to become a separate England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and London.

It isn’t just Brexit that exposed the divisions, but also an inherent belief system combined with economies that are hugely out of kilter with each other that demonstrates this desperate need for change. From hanging to marijuana, prison systems to taxation, health, the EU, education, defence, energy and policing there are such huge chasms of opinion that it makes the differences between Republican and Democrats look like small talk.

Northern Ireland is a no-brainer to separate off as an individual nation. None of the political parties there are ones that come from the mainland. They are the only ones who share an EU land border. They are governed by a dual administration which already makes sure it looks after the needs of Protestants and Catholics alike. It voted remain and knows that the end of UK membership of the EU will spell economic and, more importantly, freedom fighting/terrorist activity again as demonstrable border controls will have to be resurrected. It is beholden to a Westminster system and Secretary’s of State for Northern Ireland that haven’t a clue about what goes on but can’t help but pretend in sanctimonious ways that they do. If it became an independent nation it could remain in the EU, have politicians accountable for their actions and know the areas, be partners with the Republic, thus preventing any IRA resurrection, and ensure that Protestants are not left in the cold.

England and Wales should separate into their own sphere too. They were the only area which voted for Brexit and are the only right wing nation. Their reliance on industry, manufacturing, SMEs and farming makes them polar opposites to their London counterparts. Their is enough political differentiation in that Conservative, UKIP and to a lesser extent Green, Lib Dem and Labour can all battle things out in a national English Parliament which many cry out for to represent them. They support nuclear weapons in a way that no where else does and still has a sweet spot for warm beer, hunting, low tax, grammar schools and hanging to name but a few.

Scotland is now a one party state whose only purpose is the eventual independence of the nation. Rather than clinging on in the hopeless belief that somehow Scots will change their mind, why not just crack on and allow the country to stand on its own two feet? It is a fairly left wing place, unlike their neighbour, and has its own currency already, wants desperately to be in the EU, has its own Parliament, a strong identity and proud heritage. Becoming independent would allow democracy to start functioning again as the SNP then has to battle against parties along other lines rather than just separation from the English and would allow it to follow a more Scandinavian, rather than Anglo-Saxon agenda, that it has always craved. It would also allow it to prove whether it could sink or swim and not have to rely on some outdated Barnett formula for her money.

Finally London should become an individual ministate in the same way Monaco, the Vatican City, Singapore or Andorra are already. At 8.5 million it would be the 97th most populated state alongside Switzerland and Austria. Its economy is hugely divergent from the rest of the UK with service industries, tech, banking, trading, media, PR and marketing being the lynch pins. And, because all the UK financial and political institutions reside there, all the decisions focus on making sure the London economy and industries are tickety-boos at the expense of England/Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. In some ways this isn’t surprising since it makes up 22% of the GDP of the UK and raking in £616billion which, by itself, would make it the 19th richest state on earth, just below Saudi Arabia and well ahead of Argentina.  This leads to interest rates and macro economic policy making that is good for a bank in the City but almost certain to be dire for a steel maker in Tyneside or any other business outside Greater London. It already has a mayoral system of governance and the population is both way younger but, much more importantly, way more culturally diverse and liberal compared to England and the surrounds. Making it a separate state would help the other nations in the ex-UK would ensure that new central banks would be created that could determine fiscal and monetary policy based on the needs of the individual states and not just on the needs of London.

There are a host of other reasons why it would make sense for each area to go independent. The only reasons against are ones concocted by the English so that they can Lord over their ever shrinking empire. The Blair decision to devolve powers to national, regional and local areas failed to quench the thirst for greater powers and responsibility. Instead it increased that hunger as people and politicians outside of Westminster and middle England realised what they had been missing out on.

The Brexit decision was made by England and Wales and not by London, Scotland or Northern Ireland who will, once again, have to try and wade through a mess that was not of their own making. This time though there is the opportunity, and in many parts, real hunger for this mess to be dealt with by the people who made it and not by the people who didn’t want it and didn’t vote for it.

Yet, as it stands it will be the Northern Irish who will have to work out how not to go back to the violence of The Troubles, Londoners to work out how to keep the economy growing and the Scots to maintain a semblance of sanity as they watch ultra right wing pro-England politicians who they despise make decisions on their behalf.

That shouldn’t be the case and the opportunity in this chaos in there for a real exciting and positive change. With the May government and the confused Corbyn opposition pushing the United Kingdom towards an EU exit door huge swathes of the country did not vote for, it is time that these four nations ‘Take Back Control’ so that the could ununite the disunited United Kingdom.


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