The White Male Effect and how it could end us all

Old white men have certain psychopathic tendencies that, left unchecked, will wipe out civilisation.


#Jezwecan and Momentum are doomed to failure by their own hand

It was a cold, windswept, sleeting, bleak mid November day on the Lancaster University campus back in 1993 when I realised that the politics of the far left would never win heart and minds, votes or elections. And it sure as hell would never win me back either. I was 18. It was my first…

Isn’t it time rich commuters pay for their fair share of their train fare?

There is something vaguely odd about the obsession with the railways British people seem to have. Whether it is standing on a wintry Crewe platform watching some locomotive trundle past, the fixation with high speed rail lines or electrification of existing ones or the 2.3% average train fare increase announced today, the population and media…