If you are over 40 and a parent – do NOT read this

If you are over 40 and a parent and still reading this, then I can’t say I am surprised. The reason? You, as a plus quadruple decader furnished with a sprogg of any age are a selfish, ignorant and greedy shit who listens to no one. And I can prove it.

I’ll start with the high faluting stuff. That old chestnut global warming. This week marks the first time in the history of history that a full month has gone by where CO2 emissions have been over 400 parts per million. Now this doesn’t sound much, and it does sound very geeky, but it is a full 60% higher than 150 years ago and will keep on rising even if we turned every carbon dioxide tap off for the next 40 years. This will lead to cataclysmic and unprecedented changes in weather for after you are dead and a lovely present for your kids. And with only Donald Trump now on your side in believing that climate change and global warming is made-up then you not doing anything to stop it and leaving your children to pick up the pieces is pretty darn up-your-own-arse don’t you think?

The same could be said for initially allowing your governments (and let’s face it, governments are representatives of the people, for the people by the people – so they are a mirror image of you) to build nuclear weapons and then to have enough to wipe out the human race squillions of times over. But not content with that, you actually support renewing this multi-billion pound weapon of mass destruction that is forty years out of date over investing in health and education services or things that make people happy.

But closer to home – the society that you have created for your children to inherit and play a part in is showing itself to be much worse than the one you got. And on top of that, you continue to make sure it gets increasingly worse.

Here are some examples from just the last week of news stories that barely made it onto the bottom of page 33 of your newspaper and will never have pricked your consciousness because you won’t have allowed it to.

  • Sixteen million – that is more than one in four – of the entire adult UK population has savings less than £100. The fifth richest country on earth and a massive minority of it cannot even have enough to make it through to the next week if the financial tap gets turned off or they lose their job or something really shit happens to them. You created this society where so many people, your kids and their friends, can barely make ends meet. You created the world in which they are told to spend what they have on stuff they don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford. The new car on HP, the Sky box, the latest smartphone with a new 70zillion squigapixel camera that they won’t make the most of – all stuff in reality they don’t need – but all gadgets and things that the society you created tells them they must have and produced by companies you created and work for.
  • People under thirty are half as wealthy as those under 40. For centuries the maxim has been that previous generation will have been worse off than the next. The parents will sacrifice something to make the next generations world a better place. Healthier, safer, wealthier, wiser. But not anymore. Eye watering house prices, the lack of jobs, you staying in your job after what used to be mandatory retirement age, higher taxes like VAT to pay for the NHS that you use far more than they do, credit card debts, astonishingly large student loans. The list of where you, dear 40 year old with child, have financially screwed your offspring and their mates is endless.
  • It isn’t just financial. A large minority of people under the age of 25 are now likely to have two fast food meals every single day. One in ten under under-25s will have fewer than one portion of fresh fruit or veg in a week. And a big chunk of them will have meat three times a day. You were the baby boomer and gen x world. You were taught how to cook and how to make delicious meals. But you ignored that because it was too tough for you to bung a roast in an oven or put salad in a bowl. Instead it was easier to buy a bucket of deep fried chicken or fatty pizza and shove it under your kids nose, creating a vicious and repeating habitual circle of junk food glutton, all in the sake of your selfish convenience whilst pretending to yourself it was a cheaper way to eat. No wonder all your kids are porkers now. It is your fault.
  • Aside from not being able to get on the housing ladder, there are more people rough on the streets and more people who are homeless than there have been in a decade. Why? Your generation and you decided that not everyone deserves a home or a second chance. And one day it may be your kid or your grandchild that will be that poor sod. But you will believe it is their fault not yours.
  • Your kids either cannot or will not get a job that helps people. There are care worker shortages, teacher shortages, doctor shortages, social worker shortages – the list of caring professions crying out for decent human beings to help those in their most vulnerable state is reaching devastating proportions. You don’t encourage your kids into those jobs as you see them as loser jobs. You want your kids to make money to help care for you in your old age – even though you will get your free bus pass, free TV licence, free NHS care. You deserve it after all. To help you they need to be a lawyer, accountant or, better still, work in the city where they can make money out of money. They sure as hell should not be in the business of making someone happy or something useful.

What’s that? That isn’t you? You don’t like bankers and their ilk? You taught your kids to cook but they still eat burgers instead? You taught them to save and be careful with their money? You protested against student fees? You put the milk carton in the recycling? Bully for you.

But what you did, and what all your generation did, was create the environment for this situation to happen. You bought the shares in British Gas or BT. You purchased your own council house. You did go to A&E when you knew you could have just gone to the GP. You did just turn the heating up that few degrees more just to be warm rather than wear a jumper. You ignored the beardy hippies and the ‘experts’ when they said pumping so much stuff out would be bad for future generations. You kept your job til over the retirement age because you now legally can. You bought stuff having watched adverts. You went out on a Friday night and ‘treated’ the family to a junk food dinner. I haven’t even talked about how you caused Brexit – by either voting for it or remaining apathetic –  leaving your kids a much worse outlook than ever before. And not once did you ever question whether the world you and your generation was creating was better for your kids or worse.

All these little things all conspire to be a big thing. They all work towards you being consumerist content while the next generation will have to sweep up all the mess you made. And I know you won’t feel the least bit bad or the least bit sorry because you will always believe it was never you, never you personally that created this. Because your generation always blames someone else and never takes responsibility for your actions or your failures. And even if you do, what were you thinking bringing another living being onto this earth when there are already seven billion others all competing for so few resources?

I said at the start if you were over forty and you have kids not to read this. But ya did – because that is the type of generation you have become. And even though there are bald stats and facts staring you in the face you will never believe you have been a factor in making your child’s life so much worse than it could, and should have been. You thought this article was clickbait that would have a moral at the end and tell you actually you were decent and upstanding and you did everything you could. But that is the type of article that lives in your world of make believe where you think everything works out alright in the fairytale ending it should do. But it won’t – thanks to you.



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