28 days later – 49 new realities of Brexit

It is now 4 weeks since Britain went to the polls in the referendum and my, what a month it has been. Here are just 49 changes in no particular order that have happened since that fateful day.

– Britain now has a Prime Minister elected by 199 people out of a population of 65,110,000

– There has been a 42% increase in hate crime compared to last year since Brexit

– The pound sterling has bumped along at its’ worst levels since the 1985 – forcing up prices of a whole host of products

– Domestic banks, like Barclays, have seen up to 30% of their worth wiped out in the stock market

– House building firms, such as Persimmon, have seen 25% of their share price wiped out

– New house building has fallen by 3.2% in a month – the biggest drop ever

– House sales have stalled

– Shares in Easyjet, the second largest airline in Europe and major British business, has seen a third of its share price lost

– Ryanair, the fastest growing airline in the world, will not invest in Britain for at least two years and will instead invest in continental Europe

– the UK’s football teams will have to pay more for transfer targets

– the opinion polls have never been so wrong for so long and by so much. Ever. Yet no one seems to want to talk about that

– Jeremy Corbyn will remain Labour leader no matter what he does or how much his own MPs hate him

– The Labour Party, as a force for government, is now at an end

– Airbus will shift 15,000 jobs to Europe

– Only 138 of the 330 Conservative MPs backed the UK leaving

– Britain is now the 6th, rather than the 4th, richest country in the world

– People had no idea what the were voting for as Google reported a 250% spike in search terms looking at what Brexit actually means for the UK

– No trade deals can be signed with any country until the expiration of the two year timeline after Article 50 is triggered

– Britain has no trade negotiators and will have to import them from abroad

– Flight prices have risen by 10% in a month – the largest increase ever

– 28 out of 30 areas with the oldest populations voted overwhelmingly out

– Young people (under 34 years old) didn’t turn out. If they had bothered then the result would have been to remain in the EU

– 28 out of the 30 areas with the least educated people in England voted out

– Nothern Irelanders could hold dual passports with the Republic. That is set to end but there has been a huge spike, even with unionists, to get a second one before that rule changes

– The 30 areas that identified themselves as ‘most English’ voted overwhelmingly out

– The Mayor of Calais wants to end the agreement that allows UK police patrolling his town to stop migrants, refugees and immigrants boarding ferries and the Eurostar

– In a really weird twist – Britain is still currently scheduled to take on the EU Presidency for the six months around the time it is in the biggest part of exit negotiations.

– 27,000 people are stranded abroad and 110,000 are set to lose their holiday money after the firm Lowcost Holidays went bust due to Brexit

– Lush, the British cosmetics firm, is moving 1,400 jobs to Germany because of Brexit

– City banks are starting to make people redundant and move their operations to Europe with France and Singapore leading the way in attempts to woo them to invest in their countries. 2,000 went from Morgan Stanley in less than 24 hours

– The global economy will grow 0.1% slower than had Brexit not happened

– Brexit has caused the second largest growth shock to any economy in the world with only Nigeria being in a worse boat

– It was the Sun wot won it. Areas with the highest sales of the paper had the highest exit turnout.

– Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen have been the only world politicians thinking this was a great move by the UK

– 70,000 people have signed a petition calling for a London independence referendum from Britain

– 4,500 British civil service jobs will go from Brussels

– Petrol prices have risen by 5%

– Credit rating agencies downgrade the UK by 2 notches meaning almost certainly higher interest rates, increased job losses, house repossessions and fewer home owners

– Spain wants to reopen negotiations about reclaiming Gibraltar

– To balance the British budget, £50billion every year will have to be borrowed from the markets, or in tax rises or in spending cuts

– Ireland has opened up the possibility of a referendum on getting Northern Ireland back

– Scotland is likely to hold a second referendum of independence next year

– Young people get outvoted by the old

– For the first time in a British election of any kind, it wasn’t the economy stupid

– The poorest will be hit hardest

– Those areas who voted most for out got the most help from Europe and had the least permanent migrants

– Sowing fear, spreading racism and lying wins campaigns

– There will never be an extra £350million a week for the NHS

– Seven Royal Societies representing science, medicine and engineering say that Brexit has had a damaging effect on their fields with both money and experts not coming to the UK


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