Remember this number when you talk about democracy

How should any of us feel now that Theresa May is set to be Prime Minister?

Less than three weeks ago things were stable and predictable. We now have a dead in the -water Labour leader, a country that is left hanging out in the mid-Atlantic with precious few international friends and an ex-parrot Prime Minister.

And now… and now. A ghastly uber-right wing woman has just decided that she can’t hack it just a few days after getting into the final two for the Tory members to chose. This has left Theresa May set to be the next PM – elected not by 40 million voters, not even 150,000 Tory party members – but by just 199 Conservative MPs.

If the EU referendum was a demonstration of people power, this surely must be the antithesis. Where turnout was around 60% for whether the country should remain in or out of the European Union, justĀ 0.00033166666% voted for Britain’s next Prime Minister who, theoretically, has to guide the UK to a new dawn.

When the slogan was ‘take back control’ it feels like more and more control has been lost. Jobs leaving the country without our control. Markets and pound strength collapsing out of our control and now a Prime Minister anointed out of our control.

For Brexiters, this must be the ultimate irony. They were promised a world where they would have more power. And yet, here they are with less power than they could ever have imagined.

Even if there is an election in the coming months it will be irrelevant. There is no opposition. No choice and no chance for anything different. The course has been set and there is no way to change it.

Depressing? That’s for you to decide.


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