12 questions that haven’t gone away

Whilst we sit admiring Brexit and who will be the next Prime Minister of the UK, Chilcot and Corbyn perhaps it is time to take stock and ask the questions that seem to have vanished from view.
– Heathrow or Gatwick?
– To HS2 or to not HS2?
– Hinkley C? And if not, then what?
– Nuclear deterrent?
– Still bombing Syria?
– How does climate change get stopped?
– What next for the NHS?
– How do we tackle the massive housing shortage?
– Where will all the needed teachers come from?
– Drones and driverless cars for everyone?
– Has Britain sleepwalked into a one party state?
– If newspapers cannot hold politicians to account, then who can?

These are just a snippet of the many billion dollar questions that needs answering very soon. For whilst we have voted to get off the world, the world keeps turning.


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